As part of RPE’s continuous diversification efforts to produce and provide more consumable-based materials in the United States, expanding our Industrial Automation Division's capabilities went hand-in-hand when designing our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Industrial Automation, Retrofits and Repair

All manufacturing processes rely on electricity, electronics, communications and motion controls; however, as the age of machinery increases so does the need for maintenance, repairs, and/or retrofits

Due to limited regional resources for such needs in addition to our wealth of experience internally, RPE is proud to extend our services in an effort to add value and continue to build our network of partners. Our Control(s) Fabrication and Manufacturing Center is well versed in design, assembly + repair and reverse engineering of complex control systems which focuses on producing quality, reliable control system(s) with a well-defined documentation package in addition to superior technical support.

Automation Services –

Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, Cable Harness, PCBs + More –

  • Work from a design concept, documentation or by reverse engineering of existing system or PCBs
  • All work is Preformed to Documentation + Standards and Statically or Dynamically Tested
  • Provide offsite and onsite calibration services for level, flow, temperature, and force measurement systems in addition to a report of measurements and findings

Machines, Control Systems + Assemblies and Documentation Services

  • Replace worn-out hardwired systems with PLC and HMIs + rewrite machine sequence in software
  • Eliminates electrical connections, upgrades meet electrical + safety codes and provides a more reliable machine with added functions and integration for better monitoring + integration into facility networks
  • Retrofit Trailers and various Equipment by adding Wireless Remote Controls
  • Handheld (Transmitter) Unit is Configured for Operator Needs
  • Radio (Receiver) is wired to a new or existing control system
  • Fabricate Custom Control Systems to UL508 Standards
  • Process includes custom supplied documentation, design meeting with engineers, or evaluation(s)
  • Create ‘As Built’ Documentation for Wiring Technicians to Build to Print
  • Replace existing/outdated relay logic, obsolete or damaged existing systems
  • Additional: Ability to upload existing code, rebuild and provide backup for future system repairs
  • Simple and Complex Electrical and Mechanical Prototypes and Test Stations
    • Prototypes can be machines or assembled
  • Used to test the Continuity of Wires or to provide measurements for temperature, force position, time, etc.

Pump Skids, List Stations, Waste-Water Control Systems + More –

  • DAF, Clarifier, Belt and Plate Press Filter Systems + Injection PH Chemical Systems
  • PLC and HMI-Based Automated Control Room Control Systems